Complete 1911 Census now available online!

1911 Census records for England & Wales are now online, search full transcripts and view high resolution images at:

Trace your Ancestors with the 1911 Census

Circa 1911 - Directories on CD

Kelly's London 1910 DirectoryDirectory Resources are both a research tool and a valuable insight into the lives of your ancestors and what governed the lives. The Post Office Directories in the 1900's gave fairly complete listings for the residents and tradespeople of an area. There are usually sections on each major town and surrounding villages, with a history of the area in a great deal of detail as you would find in a gazetteer. Information on the main trades, the chief land owners, the type of soil and even the coverage dates of parish registers can also appear.

(Unfortunately the 1911 Census is not available on CD, as there has not been enough demand for it to be produced. It will only be available online.)

What else is available on CD?

There is a wide range of CDs available, including census records for every county in England and Wales (as enumerated at the time of the census), directories, parish records, wills, atlases & maps, gazetteers, and much more.

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